CASSANDRA work package leader meeting in Lausanne

The quarterly work package leader meeting of the CASSANDRA project took place between March 7th and March 8th in Lausanne. Objective of this get-together in Switzerland was to illustrate and to discuss the vision on the risk based approach concerning container security and visibility as well as to present the integration architecture, which describes the technical specifications interfacing the different systems. Furthermore, the status and further steps of the three CASSANDRA Living Labs have been discussed.
The general purpose of the work package leader meeting is to facilitate the communication between the 26 project partners. CASSANDRA consists of nine work packages that need to be done in the three year project duration. The work packages are lead by different consortium members. The meetings aim to give an overview on the progress of the work packages and to identify links between the different parties.
Further information on the work packages:
Project Organization: www.cassandra-project.eu/articles/project-organisation.html