The Chain Game is a board game supported by evaluation software with focus on different interventions in a supply chain, and with the aim to improve its visibility and security. In detail, each player has to fulfil a role on one of the following supply chain actors: seller, buyer or freight forwarder. Then, the character has to decide for an action which could mitigate risks in the global transport chain. Some interventions are beneficial for one actor solely and other measures are beneficial for the whole supply chain. During the game, the players have to discuss about risk-minimising and security-optimising actions they would like to implement. According to their decision, key performance indicators (KPI) describing the capability, reliability and integrity for each actor and the whole supply chain are calculated. In addition, different events occur during the game by the usage of action cards, also affecting the KPI’s.

In order to evaluate and validate the game, a survey has been carried out. Furthermore, some project members monitored the game and gave a report on their notices in a review session afterwards. Here, the players also discussed if the game could give an insight into supply chain measures for practical use. The insights on the gaming session, the reports of the observers, the results from the discussion, and the survey will be taken into account for further development of The Chain Game.