Deliverable 7.3.5:

M30 status report dissemination results

Public report released

This deliverable is a status report on the dissemination activities and results in the CASSANDRA project. These status reports are made regularly, with one more to come at the project’s finish.
Together, these reports make up deliverable D7.3 – Dissemination results.

In this report you will find the results of the dissemination activities that have taken place in the past period are described. It builds on the first five status reports, delivered in M4, M6, M12, M18, and M24 (D7.3, D7.3.1, D7.3.2, D7.3.3, and D7.3.4).

The first report covered the starting phase of the project. Therefore, it described many activities related to presenting the project to the world. Results included the project logo, press releases, the project website, templates, a brochure and other dissemination material.

The subsequent reports, including this status update, primarily describe an update of the various dissemination results in Section 4.

The first year of dissemination primarily included presenting the CASSANDRA project, key concepts and initial outcomes to various audiences (policy makers, industry and science) all over the world.
During the project’s second year, more results are becoming available and find their way into (scientific) papers and presentations at conferences and in journals.

This report is issued at halftime of the third and final year, which is marked by a steady stream of (scientific) articles and presentations and by presentations that include the initial results of the project and the experiences gained in the Living Labs.

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Deliverable No.           D7.3.5 – Cassandra
Deliverable Title         Cassandra – D7.3.5 – M30 status report dissemination results
Dissemination level    Public
Written By                  Bram Klievink (TUD)
Checked by                 Rainer Müller (ISL)
Approved by               Heather Griffioen-Young (TNO)
Issue date                  28 November 2013