Living Lab for the transport corridor Europe-USA kicked-off in Bremerhaven 

One of the most comprehensive innovations of CASSANDRA is the Living Lab idea, where the three global trade lanes China-Europe, Europe-USA and Europe-Africa are examined. A Living Lab research describes a novel approach that shifts the development of a new product from the laboratory into the real world.

Within the scope of the transport corridor Europe-USA, the Living Lab Bremerhaven has recently started its work. During a workshop members of the CASSANDRA project defined the plan for the Living Lab. Later on, this plan has been introduced to external stakeholders like container terminal operators in order to discuss the next steps. It has been agreed that at first, the Institute of Shipping Economics and Logistics (ISL) and the Bremen Senator for Economics, Labour and Ports will analyze the data traffic for the trade lane from Europe to the United States using the container terminal Bremerhaven, the most important European export hub for the transport of goods to the USA.  

This also requires a close cooperation with the container terminal operators and other parties involved in port operations. Once the systems and interfaces have been studied, they will be integrated and demonstrated into the Living Lab, that means a new data-sharing concept or a new software solution is developed and practiced. Here special attention is paid to the interests and needs of all stakeholders as well as to the local environment. This includes the requirements and risk parameters of German and American authorities concerning container security as well as the restrictions of companies with regard to data sharing and data security. All these factors must be considered for the integration of various systems based on a service-oriented architecture. In the end, the results of the Living Lab Bremerhaven and the trade lane Europe-USA will be compared and merged with the results of the Living Labs for the transport corridors China-Europe and Africa-Europe.

The Bremen Senator of Ports Martin Günthner said that it is a great success for the seaports of Bremen with the important connection Bremerhaven-USA to participate on the Living Lab within the CASSANDRA project. "For the competitiveness of the ports of Bremen, especially with regard to the export business to the USA, the security of container transportation plays an important role since 9-11. Thus, the participation of Bremen\'s ports on the European logistics project CASSANDRA is an important step for the further optimization of container handling in Bremen and Germany."