CASSANDRA session on ECITL 2013 in Zaragoza

Under the topic “Security in Logistics”, the CASSANDRA project hosted a session on this year’s ECITL conference. Dr. Nils Meyer-Larsen from Institute of Shipping Economics and Logistics (ISL) moderated three presentations followed by a round table and an interactive discussion.


First Rainer Müller, also from ISL in Bremen, gave a lecture on “Demonstration of Supply Chain Visibility in Real-life Settings”. He introduced the project in general, demonstrated the CASSANDRA approach of improving security through visibility and its implementation in three different Living Labs as well as described the benefits for businesses and Customs authorities. The second presentation with the title “Improving the Reliability of Global Supply Chains” was held by Sebastian Seidel from consortium member DHL Global Forwarding. He showed the role of the freight forwarder in CASSANDRA and illustrated the usage of different data sources, e.g. CSDs in detail. Last but not least, Andreas Kirchheiner from AIS Ulm, explained “How to use Telematics for Fleet Security in the 21st Century”. In his talk he bridged the improvement of safety and security between container vessel and truck operations and introduced several devices for tracking and tracing of trucks.

Beside the workshop session, CASSANDRA also had a booth within the conference, which informed the ECITL’s participants about the progress of the project.


 Furthermore, CASSANDRA’s contents were focused in other talks, e.g. in the presentations “Public-Private Partnership for Coordinated Supply Chain Risk Management” by Marcel van Oosterhout and “Business Intelligence for Improving Supply Chain Risk Management” by Lingzhe Liu, both from consortium member Erasmus University of Rotterdam.

Further Information:
ECITL Website: www.ecitl.eu

Dr. Nils Meyer-Larsen (meyer-larsen@isl.org)