CASSANDRA at CLECAT Freight Forwarders' Forum 2012

On 29th November 2012 Prof. Dr. Yao-Hua Tan from Delft University of Technology gave an elevated speech on the CASSANDRA project on the Freight Forwarders’ Forum 2012 in Brussels. During the session “Securing the Supply Chain through Risk Management” he presented the data pipeline concept which enable business parties and authorities to obtain high quality data in the transport chain. Prof. Dr. Yao-Hua Tan also indicated the Risk Based Approach of CASSANDRA and the piggy backing principle which enables authorities to reuse supply chain data for their risk assessment.

The Freight Forwarders’ Forum 2012 had the topic “Balancing Facilitation and Security in Global Supply Chains”. The event was organized by CLECAT and focused on important developments in supply chain security that require changes in business practices from all involved parties in the transport chain. During several sessions it has been discussed how to design and implement security measures without impeding trade.

Speech of Prof. Dr.  Yao-Hua on the CLECAT Forum
Photographer: Alexander Louvet