6th European Conference on ICT for:
Transport Logistics in Zaragoza

The “6th European Conference on ICT for Transport Logistics” (ECITL) will be held from 23rd to 25th of October 2013 in Zaragoza / Spain. This year’s conference focuses on “Logistics Research: Solutions and Innovation through Cooperation” and takes the future imperatives (collaboration, security, sustainability, innovation) in Transport Logistics in combination with ICT in the center of discussion. The goal is to identify the upcoming logistics challenges while taking into account solutions in development.

The following topics which will be discussed:
•    The future role of logistics for the pan-European economy
•    Innovation obstacles in the logistics sector
•    Expected Impact of European project solutions on the logistics industry
•    The impact of regulations on the innovation capability of the logistics industry
•    Fostering the uptake of sustainable logistics operations
•    Explore the potential of intelligent cargo solutions
•    Identify and define the role of new Information and Communication Technology solutions for logistics operations

The ECITL consists of three days, separated in a scientific day and two industry days 1. A regular updated agenda for this year’s ECITL is available on the ECITL website. Also registration is open now.
The CASSANDRA project hosts a session on security in logistics on 3rd conference day.
This workshop’s focus is on reports by logistics practitioners on their motivation to be involved in the project, their expected benefits from implementing the CASSANDRA approach and their experience from the activities in the Living Labs. Speakers are Frank Arendt from ISL, Yaohua Tan from TU Delft, Sebastian Seidel from DHL and John Prop from BAP Logistics.

Further information:
ECITL Website
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